Make 2016 the year you resolve to achieve certification through the American College of Practice Management Executives!

In the past it has been difficult for our members who do not live in urban centers to find a study group to prepare for the examinations. Now thanks to modern technology, we are putting together resources so that no matter where you live or what time constraints you have in your busy lives, you can have access to information to help you along the path to certification.

There are some costs associated with certification, which you can check out on the MGMA website. Keep in mind that MGMA-Missouri has scholarship money available to help members in this worthy endeavor. If your practice does not reimburse you for educational expenses, do not hesitate to download a scholarship form on the MGMA-MO website for ACMPE expense and send it in.

Here is more good news! The computerized examinations will be held in March, May, and July every year at a community college near you. You will have a week during each test month when you can take your exam (although you can only take it one time during each test period). Now your traveling will be minimized as well! There will still be a paper and pencil exam every year at the MGMA Annual Conference.

Professionalism is the goal for which we all strive. Becoming certified shows your colleagues, your bosses, and most of all yourself that you are a professional!

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions. Hope to hear from you soon. You can do this!

Merry Mullins, MBA, FACMPE
MGMA-Missouri ACMPE Forum Representative


As a medical practice professional, you know that putting together the pieces of your career takes continued learning, experience, hard work, initiative and even a measure of good fortune. You must steadily expand and refine your management knowledge and skills to gain a competitive advantage in your chosen field. And, as you guide your medical practice through today's turbulent health care environment, your leadership skills are paramount to your success and that of your organization.

Medical practice managers and leaders who are committed to their professional advancement join the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE). The College creates a focused pathway for your career growth through professional development and credentialing. Through ACMPE's certification and Fellowship programs, you will broaden your management knowledge and skills and be recognized for your expertise and leadership abilities in the medial practice management. Earning credentials through ACMPE will:

  • Identify you as a professional with proven expertise in medical practice management
  • Show your physicians and other health care leaders your dedication to achieving high standards of competence and performance; and
  • Increase your marketability, giving you a competitive advantage throughout your career.

Through a dynamic process of self-assessment, continuing education and skill development, ACMPE's nationally respected certification and Fellowship programs in medical practice management prepare you for diverse leadership roles. Each step in the College's credentialing pathway demonstrates your unique competence and ability to effectively manage and lead organizations in a challenging environment. As the focus of health care delivery shifts to medical practices, ACMPE members have proven skills to advance in a demanding and competitive job market.

Make an investment in your own advancement and earn recognized professional credentials in medical practice management. Join ACMPE today. For more information visit or e-mail them at or call the ACMPE Certification Help Desk toll free at (877) 275-6462, extension 869.

Certification resources are on the ACMPE Web site:

  • Assess your readiness at
  • Access free assessments at

Interested Missouri members that would like more information can directly contact the ACMPE Forum Representative for Missouri, Merry Mullins, MBA, FACMPE.


To develop and equip our members to create dynamic, successful medical group practices.


To be the recognized leader in defining and supporting the profession of medical practice management in Missouri.


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