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Director of Nursing, Memphis, TN

01/13/2023 8:48 AM | Rebekah Francis (Administrator)

Job Summary:

Exempt position responsible for all nursing staff, clinical nursing operations, and clinical education training of staff. May have administrative duties for risk management, utilization management, reimbursement, and oversite of all clinical patient care facilities within Baptist Medical Group.

Primary Job Duties:

  1. Participate in senior management in all planning, budgeting, policy making, and decision making for clinical operations involving nursing staff.
  2. Ensures that nursing aspects related to risk management, reimbursement, financial management, and other administrative functions are incorporated into operational systems. Monitors outcomes, budget results, patient satisfaction surveys, quality metrics, and other indicators of nursing performance.
  3. Makes sure that performance and productivity of all nursing staff are evaluated on a regular basis throughout the year and annually. Advises on appropriate corrective actions and developmental opportunities.
  4. Maintains a high quality of care by nursing staff through continuous improvement standards and protocols. Ensures all staff are trained in quality assurance/control requirements and meet these standards.
  5. Stays current with state, federal, and payer regulations/requirement and updates professional standards for nursing for the medical practice appropriately.
  6. Evaluates and ensures that patient care standards today reflect process change and quality improvement.
  7. Serves as a liaison between clinical staff and senior leadership.
  8. Offers nursing expertise to outside organizations and companies.
  9. Implements clinical strategies for improved clinical patient outcomes.


BSN required, MSN preferred or Masters in business, health administration or other related field.


Minimum 10 years of nursing experience with progressively increasing management and operations experience.

Other Requirements:

Current RN license and CPR certification

Interested candidates please contact amy.pettit@bmg.md


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