All Missouri MGMA conferences and webinars meet the requirements for continuing education credit hours from the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE). The CE hours are good towards certification requirements.

Applying for your Continuing Education Credit

To apply your Missouri MGMA programs toward your ACMPE continuing education requirement, please calculate the total number of clock hours you spent in educational sessions and enter your hours online at www.mgma.com.

The new ACMPE tracking portal makes it easy to manage your credit hours. Take a moment to review the instructions for steps on how to log in, view and enter your hours.

1. Sign in to 

2. Select “My Dashboard” found on the top right corner.

3. Select “ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT” found on the top right corner.

4. Select “ACMPE TRACKING” found on the left side to enter the portal.

5. Click “Full ACMPE Continuing Education Listing” to review your total claimed credit hours and to request altering existing credit hours.

6. Click “Add ACMPE Continuing Education Hours” to claim all qualified hours for ACMPE. 

  • To add hours for MGMA and external sources, click “Claim My Additional Credit”.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email:

ACMPE questions: acmpe@mgma.com
General CEU questions: 

What if I can’t find the program materials to determine the number of hours of educational sessions?

For questions about ACMPE and how to get started on the path to certification, contact our ACMPE Forum Representative Beth Castens, FACMPE.

Continuing Education  - As a reminder, MGMA national, state, and local LIVE webinars and events count towards the 12 MGMA LIVE required hours.

Upcoming MGMA LIVE events can be found by visiting the events page. This includes upcoming live webinars.

Activities that are eligible for credit hours

ACMPE accepts credit hours for programs that have relevant content directed toward improving your competence and knowledge development in medical practice management. Refer to The Body of Knowledge for relevant topics.

ACMPE recognizes that numerous professional activities require significant time and commitment, and that those activities contribute to your growth and management effectiveness. However, to have an assignment system that is open but subject to identifiable boundaries, ACMPE accepts credit hours only for the following types of continuing education programs and activities:

Education programs sponsored by MGMA and any of its constituent bodies, including MGMA state and local affiliates (hour-for-hour credit)

Education programs sponsored by other recognized professional associations and organizations (hour-for-hour credit)

College and university coursework (variable credit hours)

Books, articles and online course content published under your name, with partial credit granted for chapter authorship and co-authorship (five to 50 credit hours)

Editorship of published books (50 credit hours)

Formal oral presentations that are at least 30 minutes long (The first time you give a presentation, you will receive two hours of credit for each presentation hour. For each additional time you give the same presentation, you will receive hour-for-hour credit. Whenever you give a presentation with another speaker or as a panel participant, you will receive credit for the exact time of your portion of the presentation, as long as it is at least 30 minutes.)

Assessments taken in conjunction with published materials, including professional journals, books or stand-alone assessment products (Credit will be granted only for the amount of time required to complete the assessment. Time spent reading associated material is not eligible for credit. Types of assessments eligible for credit include multiple choice questions, short answer, essay and other standard assessment formats.)

Poster presentations at conferences and meetings, allotted for only the number of clock hours that the authors are scheduled to staff their poster, according to the conference brochure (Credit hours will not be accrued for times during which the author is not present with the poster. The first time you give a poster session, you will receive two hours of credit for each presentation hour.)

Distance-learning activities (e.g., audio conferences, self-study, Internet courses) in which a separation of place and/or time between the instructor and learner exists. To qualify for ACMPE credit, distance-learning activities must meet the following criteria:

  • The program must offer an opportunity for interaction and feedback for the learner (for instance, learning exercises, self-assessment, discussion guides, access to an instructor for questions).
  • It is not necessary to submit documentation. Staff monitors entries through random audits, so it is important that you retain copies of your continuing education documentation during the three-year period.
  • Documentation must be provided regarding the amount of continuing education credit to be awarded for the program based on a pilot study that provides evidence of the estimated time to complete the program.
  • The activity must be conducted within the context of a structured learning experience (variable credit hours).

Credit hours are not assigned to program activities such as informal discussion sessions, opening and closing remarks, business meetings, board/committee meetings or attendance at in-house meetings such as orientation sessions at an institution for its employees.


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